Relly Annett-Baker

Relly Annett-Baker

Freelance content strategist & copy writer

Have you got words on the brain? So do I. It’s my driving force, my inspiration and my bread and butter. I help you get the words out of your head and onto the page.

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Public Speaking

She will also be hosting the following public workshops, and is available for private workshops:


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Web content

Your site is the hub of your business. You have so much you want to tell visitors but where to start? I can help you do the research about your users and their content needs.

What do they really come looking for? Let’s answer their questions. What do you want them to know about you and your product? Let’s shout it from the rooftops! (or maybe give it a fabulous dedicated page full of the benefits?)

Your site will become my new obsession, so it can become your customer’s new obsession too.

Web copywriting

Wow! You’ve got a brilliant product there. How are you going to promote it? Do you have a website to sell it? A facebook fan page to keep your supporters updated? Do you have a newsletter with tips on how to get the most from your service?

I love writing about products and services. Checkout microcopy gets me excited. Penning something neat yet amazing enough to share with friends is a challenge I relish. I write the stories that get people making choices, making decisions and making purchases.

Writing Consultancy

What audience are you writing for? What vocabulary? How important are contractions? Or definite articles? And what the heck is an Oxford comma?

Do you sound too familiar, like the slimy chap in the bar who is over friendly after a martini too many?  Too austere, as if you were summoned up from the eighteenth century to explain your company goals ? Too reliant on jargon or abbreviations – btw, did I mention that imho these have little place in common web comms?

I can create a style guide and a content control system so that no matter how many people need to write for your brand, on how many different platforms, you can sound consistent, knowledgeable and together.  This handy document will be your starting point for all new projects and content.

Content Curation

Perhaps you’ve merged. Maybe you have a number of different brochures you are bringing online with half a dozen authors now working together for a common goal? Exciting times ahead!

But along with that you have so much stuff. It’s everywhere. Pages scattered, unrelated, over different domains and on different people’s to-do lists (and in different orders of priority too).

Right then! Listen up! You are about to enter Content Bootcamp! I will be ruthlessly working off the fat from your site so that only the leanest, meanest, and toughest pages, paragraphs and phrases remain. You will come out from this process with a fighting machine ready to take on the competition and win – and know who is responsible for updating the page to tell them.